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This is the first record recorded by The Super 92. It was made in Edmonton, Alberta with Stew Kirkwood and Gavin Dunn at the helm. The album is frank and open hearted; revelations are made with bluster, humour, and a bit of sentimentality. Discarding the common “it wasn’t me” songwriter cop-out, songwriter Robin Woywitka admits that there are a few songs on the record that are very accurate recollections from his life. But he’s not saying which ones. “There are a couple of unsavoury moments in there. Maybe it was me, maybe it wasn’t.”


So if you  would like to taste a blend of the root elements of rock and roll and country music delivered with a nervy, modern punch, this Roots & Roll is for you.

Roots & Roll

SKU: 364215376135191
  • CD, 33 min

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