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The Super 92’s music is a blend of roots and rock ‘n’ roll styling. “Roots and roll,” if you will. Six and twelve string electric guitars mix with a woody rhythm section and the occasional keyboard. Lyrics range from ballad to blues, often tinged with humour or a turn of phrase. Some of this material is informed by songwriter Robin Woywitka’s experience as a professional archaeologist; a particular perspective on human behaviour is gained while digging up what we throw away.

Craig Kowalchuk (guitar, lap steel, harmonica) and Leighton Blomme (bass) bring an inimitable feel that is bred in the bone. Along with drummer Alex Jumpsen’s inventive beats and Elise Reneau's golden voice, the Super 92 is the perfect medium for Woywitka’s compositions. 

The Super 92 loves their audience, and believes that they have to earn your love and attention with every song. They are based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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